Direct Primary Care with Bluegrass Family Wellness


DPC is an innovative care model that emphasizes a partnership between patient and physician to improve healthcare, without a third party involvement. It’s an affordable option for your healthcare needs!

Our Address

6225 W. HWY 146, Suite 1
Crestwood, KY 40014

Email Address

Dr. Rutherford

Phone Number

during office hours: 502-822-3499
after hours: 502-532-8223

What is Direct Primary Care?

Your Doctor

Molly Rutherford, MD, MPH

Board Certified in Family Medicine

Board Certified in Addiction Medicine

80% of CFOs feel helpless (powerless) when managing healthcare expenses! This was in 2014, wonder how bad it is now? Get @chasedave book CEOs Guide to Restoring the American Dream and take control. @AAPSonline @HealthRosetta #directprimarycare

Relationship, freedom, practicing medicine the way we were trained to #DPC

@kksheld Am here is DC with Physicians Council for Healthcare Policy and I am astounded at how many Drs comply with senseless govt/insur “requirements” even at their own financial loss

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