Direct Primary Care with Bluegrass Family Wellness


DPC is an innovative care model that emphasizes a partnership between patient and physician to improve healthcare, without a third party involvement. It’s an affordable option for your healthcare needs!

Our Address

6225 W. HWY 146, Suite 1
Crestwood, KY 40014

Email Address

Dr. Rutherford

Phone Number

during office hours: 502-822-3499
after hours: 502.565.6429

What is Direct Primary Care?

Your Doctor

Molly Rutherford, MD, MPH

Board Certified in Family Medicine

Board Certified in Addiction Medicine

"Coverage is not the same thing as care. Denizens of the Healthcare Swamp adroitly confuse the two." ~@Jorient

Insanity. We must not accept this #DPC

Finally giving respect to Doctors not bowing down to ripoff insurance co. Thank you Doctors for looking out for the patient.

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