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DPC is an innovative care model that emphasizes a partnership between patient and physician to improve healthcare, without a third party involvement. It’s an affordable option for your healthcare needs!

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What is Direct Primary Care?

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Molly Rutherford, MD, MPH

Board Certified in Family Medicine

Board Certified in Addiction Medicine

"The most controversial source of excess spending, though, is rent-seeking by health-care firms. ... Surprisingly, the worst offenders are not pharmaceutical firms but an army of corporate health-care middlemen." HT @DoctorKordonowy

National organization of direct care docs launches tomorrow. I am blessed and grateful to be a founding member....

There's no good reason for ever starting Benzos in elderly.
Risks too great- addiction/memory loss/cognitive/impairment/delirium/falls.
But 8% elderly already victims careless prescribing.
Very hard to stop- need close MD supervision done over many months.

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