Direct Primary Care
As an addiction patient, you may qualify for
direct primary care for an additional $25/month.
Medication Assisted
Evidence clearly shows that
MAT treatment saves lives.

MAT & Direct Primary Care

Established in 2014, Bluegrass Family Wellness offers a comprehensive treatment plan which follows American Society of Addiction Medicine treatment guidelines. 

  • Low membership fees
  • Most insurance covers the cost of medication at your pharmacy

Opiate addiction is an epidemic.

“Every person in this state is related to or knows someone living the daily hell of this disease, yet many continue to pass judgment on those affected and demonize the medications used to treat it.”

Fixing The 3 Biggest Flaws In Obamacare's Medicaid Expansion: Part 1 via @forbes

#PrimaryCare Enhancement Act - a #bipartisan bill to let people use #HSA to pay #DPC fee! @GOP @SenateDems please support! #DPCSummit @aafp

So rewarding to help other docs learn about #directprimarycare and rescue them from #burnout of system that has not been healthy for anyone

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