Other self-pay or ``concierge`` doctors offer personal healthcare, but DPC is affordable for anyone, as it should be.


We order your medications wholesale to save you money & time! Pick your medications up from our office.


If you can afford a smartphone, you can afford to invest in high quality, convenient healthcare.


Now you can finally access your doctor, directly, by phone, text, email and office visits without a wait.

What is Direct Primary Care?

In a traditional primary care practice, office visits are expensive, with most of the cost attributable to administrative overhead, due to burdensome insurance paperwork and government regulations.  Paying a membership fee to your physician allows him/her to limit the patient panel, and thus spend more time with you at your appointment and interact with you via email and phone.



  • Low Membership Fees
  • Prescriptions at Wholesale Pricing
  • No Co-pays
  • Discounted Fees for Outside Services

Benefits of Direct Primary Care

  • Same or next day, relaxed office appointments

  • No wait time at the office

  • EKG, minor skin procedures, Urinalysis, finger stick glucose, strep, minor surgery and urine drug screens included

  • Visits as long as necessary

  • Home visits and flexible hours as needed

  • Access to your doctor via phone, email and text

  • Nutrition classes

  • Focus on wellness

  • Newborn and well-child checkups

  • Sports and school physicals

  • Other labs and prescriptions offered at wholesale prices

Don’t take hormones to “feel young.” There are very specific indications for hormone therapy.

Hormone therapy clinics could be putting patients in danger
A CBS News investigation found clinics across the country are prescribing hormones to people with normal levels

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This makes clear the pendulum swang too far and has hurt too many people - #balancedapproach to pain management #individualized patient-centered care #pain #opioids #stigma #riskassessment #illicitdrugcrisis

Activating in defense of the profession of medicine goes a long way towards ending burnout. Try it! It’s good for the physician soul and psyche. Just look at Direct Primary Care...they are happy and fulfilled. Please support doctors reclaiming medicine!

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