Direct Primary Care
As an addiction patient, you may qualify for
direct primary care for an additional $25/month.
Medication Assisted
Evidence clearly shows that
MAT treatment saves lives.

MAT & Direct Primary Care

Established in 2014, Bluegrass Family Wellness offers a comprehensive treatment plan which follows American Society of Addiction Medicine treatment guidelines. 

  • Low membership fees
  • Most insurance covers the cost of medication at your pharmacy
  • If you're uninsured or have a high deductible plan, we have affordable medication options we can dispense

Opiate addiction is an epidemic.

“Every person in this state is related to or knows someone living the daily hell of this disease, yet many continue to pass judgment on those affected and demonize the medications used to treat it.”

"In my three decade career in the field of medicine," writes Dr. Holly L. Thacker. "I have seen the emergence of so called ‘middlemen’ who control the market." #PBM

So sad the money was wasted launching before ready. Also, privacy is essential. The federal government needs to stay out of patients’ medical records,and the data dealing must stop. Doctors are used as data entry clerks for billing/collecting purposes.Obscene waste of resources.

These Detroit doctors help people with no insurance, high deductibles.

Most of our healthcare needs can be handled at this level of care. Direct Primary Care could revolutionize the healthcare landscape.

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