Direct Primary Care is Affordable


Ages 0-18


Ages 19-45


Ages 45-64


Ages 65+

$175/month family max

Maximum charge for families


Per employee, regardless of age, no enrollment fee

$50 enrollment fee

One time enrollment fee, per family

Included in your monthly cost:

  • Up to 5 in person visits with your physician monthly

  • Access to Dr. Rutherford by text, email and phone unless she is out of town (coverage provided by another physician)

  • EKG, urinalysis, strep test, some joint injections and some minor surgeries (skin biopsies)

  • Home visits, hospital and nursing home courtesy visits as needed/when appropriate

  • Unable to accept new Medicaid patients at this time.

Additional Services at Discount Prices

  • Medications at a wholesale price.  Most medications will cost no more than $5 monthly. We do not dispense controlled substances.

  • Non-routine labs and imaging. Because we do not deal with insurance, costs of lab tests and x-rays are negotiated at an affordable rate, hundreds of dollars less than those obtained in a “traditional” primary care setting.

  • Visit the following website for imaging and procedure pricing: